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Facial Enhancement

Treatments that enhance our faces and help rejuvenate our looks are popular. Many people have botox or face lift surgery. Acupuncture offers a non-surgical and gentle method to enhance our looks.

What can you expect?

You have to be realistic; even surgery and botox can’t make a person over 50 look like a 20 year old! Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you would like to achieve.

Acupuncture will improve your skin condition and texture, your skin tone will become more even and pores will shrink. Underlying facial muscles will tighten to reduce sagging.

I will ask you why you want this treatment and take a ‘before’ photo for comparison. If there is an underlying issue making you unhappy with your looks, then no matter what I do, you will remain unhappy.

Although a client will benefit from a once-off treatment the effects of the treatment are cumulative and the best results really start to show after 3-4 treatments.

Some bruising may occur and I will not treat a client in the 3 days before a big event.


  • High blood pressure
  • Clotting problems

Initial consultation

You will be asked to remove any makeup and a photo will be taken for reference. I will insert some needles to give you a general boost to your energy before starting to insert needles on your face.

Once all the needles have been inserted I will allow you to relax for about 15 minutes and then remove the needles taking care to minimise the possibility of bruising.

I will then use a massage cream or oil to give you a gentle massage on your neck and face.