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What to Expect

The first visit takes about an hour as a detailed case history is taken. Many aspects of your life will be discussed as Acupuncture is a Whole-istic or Holistic therapy.  The answers to questions regarding your symptoms, past medical history and current medications will be noted. Your tongue and pulse will be examined and a physical examination conducted if necessary.
Like most people, you  may lead a very hectic life which leads to numerous stresses and demands on your time. Problems arise when the body's energy or Qi (pronounced "chi") becomes unbalanced or obstructed leading to disharmony. The enquiry into the different aspects of your lifestyle and health often elicits a list of complaints!  My approach is to treat the complaint that most concerns you at this moment in time and at the same time to give a general boost to your health, what is known as a ‘Pre-Heaven and Post-Heaven Qi’ treatment. At all times you, as the person seeking treatment, will have the last word on what to focus on as I see the relationship as a team effort. The wonder of Acupuncture is that removing obstructions and re-balancing Qi, allows the body to heal itself! The Acupuncturist is the facilitator in this process.

Frequently, as the initial complaint eases, so do other problems but if they persist then they are tackled specifically. The number and frequency of treatments will depend on the nature and duration of the condition.

Acupuncture points are chosen according to the diagnosis. There are a number of different therapies that can be used, - Acupuncture using needles, laser or a small electrical stimulator, Moxibustion and Cupping.

Patient Safety

All acupuncture needles are single use, pre-sterilized, disposable and carry the CE mark. The area around the point to be used is sterilized before the needle is inserted and patients can be confident that no infection will occur. All treatments are safeguarded by confidentiality.
I am certified in Occupational Health First Aid, as required by the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association.